Ee’s No Rat!

But is it enough for a Siberian Chiffchaff?

I’d taken a few days off to use up my annual leave for the year and had already called off tomorrow’s trip for Black Grouse due to the weather forecast. I had to wait for the Gas Man as well this morning but decided afterwards to join Dave Gray on his continuing quest to pin down the pale Chiffchaff at Barrow Sewage Works. After a fair while and plenty of Goldcrests later we finally pinned down a few Chiffy’s including the pale one at the back of the bushes… they were feeding around the filter-bed tanks.

This bird certainly looks the business at distance – these images are huge crops – and close up it looks better. The killer is we don’t think anyone has yet heard it call and been sure it was that bird. Frustratingly it didn’t come close enough today t tempt with a bit of playback but Dave said it was wing-flicking in response to Sibe Chiffchaff calls the other day. It’s probably going to go down as ‘showing characteristics of.’

Siberian Chiffchaff?

Siberian Chiffchaff?


Siberian Chiffchaff?

Easier to ID but just as difficult to photograph (though not through a chainlink fence this time) was this female Kestrel that was making light work of the local small mammal population (I ID’d Common Shrew at least).





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