Ring My Bell

I made a return visit to Cossington Meadows this evening after work. My quarry? The Ring Ouzels that have been present since at least Friday. My goal? Some digiscoped images. It all looked good as a birder on site had some good if distant DSLR shots. Two hours later and I’d had maybe two seconds of the 1S male. There were other distractions… a pair of Bullfinch.





A cracking Lapwing.



Just as I was about to head home for dinner Matt Merritt turned up and bugger me, if the female didn’t start showing. I’d already blagged an extension from Leigh and her threat to feed my dinner to the dog was thwarted as Minnie was with me.


Ring Ouzel


Ring Ouzel

As I got to the gate to come home, this superb male Pheasant was too much of distraction so out came the camera.



Finally a bit of music that inspired the blog title, Anita Ward’s disco classic…


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