Thunbergi Are Go*

After the brilliant day I had yesterday… Sheffield Wednesday staying in Division 2 of The Football League and a night out with my sister Rachel and old friends Phil, Debbie and Kathy, it was back home on the train and a twitch out to Thornton Reservoir. Wind back to Friday and a Birdguides message whilst we were at the LROS meeting of a Grey-headed Wagtail Motacilla flava thunbergi at the Reservoir, a first for Leicestershire following two at Rutland Water a few years ago.

Leigh, Minnie and I headed off there with a plan to meet Steve and Emma, tick the bird and head off for a beer at The Steam Trumpet in Thornton. Two and half hours later, including a walk and a Little Grebe, we cut our losses and headed for the pub.


Curses… the pub was shut! On a Sunday and a Bank Holiday weekend… damn, dip,dip and double dip.

Depressed we headed for home. Predictably as we got settled news that the bird had returned meant a return trip for me. As Lady Penelope would say ‘Parker, fetch the Rolls Royce!’ Well in my case the Ibiza. Back at Thornton and guess what? ‘It was here a minute ago.’ Aaaaaaarrrrrggh!

I amused myself with a couple of nice Yellow Wagtail before, thankfully, the Grey-headed Wagtail returned.




The bird was always distant, unless it flushed closer and into a Hawthorn, so digiscoping was the order of the day. Even then getting a good image was difficult.


So success at last. I really do feel the birding blues have been well and truly banished.

* Sorry Archie, I’d that pun in my head from Friday night I just couldn’t get the bird till today.


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