This morning I took Minnie down to, a very wet, Cossington Meadows to look for the Wood Sands from yesterday. Not much to be seen but a pair of Cuckoo in the hedge between the Middle and Lower Marsh looked like they were going to get it on. I met a wet Terry Sherwood who had similarly had no luck with the Waders.

This evening Minnie and I returned and apart from a short shower we enjoyed better weather though rain never seemed far away. My first scan of Hobley’s Lake revealed a couple of grounded Arctic Tern but not much else. The Ponies on Middle Marsh didn’t seem too bothered by the rain.


Middle Marsh


Middle Marsh

Working my way around the fields adjacent to Hobley’s Lake I found a gap in the hedge and a Wood Sandpiper along with the two Spotted Redshank. Viewing through a thick hedge is never easy and digiscoping through a hedge is even harder…


Spotted Redshank


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