Dusky Thrush? Nah! Don’t Think I’ll Bother

I woke this morning to news that an absolute mega had been found in Margate Cemetery, Kent. A Dusky Thrush, a near mythical bird for British birders – the last twitchable one was in 1959. Off to Kent then? No, I walked the dog and thought about going for about 15 minutes. What was stopping me? I’d planned a day at the Great Central Railway, photographing and filming the Diesel Gala, but hey 1959… off we go. Well no, I came to realise, I’m just not that bothered about twitching anymore. Even the offer of a lift tomorrow from Dave Gray – a trip that also promised some good Orchids – couldn’t raise any interest. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Dusky Thrush… it’s twitches that I can’t be arsed with.


Field Of Dreams

So it was off to the GCR, and what a cracking day I had.





Wartime Quorn & Woodhouse


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