Don’t Wherry, Be Happy

Last Friday Leigh, Minnie and I headed over to Norfolk for a long weekend. My main target was to photograph the Diesel Weekend on the North Norfolk Railway… more of that another day.

After a walk round Sheringham Park, including a trip to the Gazebo – think more a woodland tower than s bit of tarpaulin in the garden – we checked in at our B&B in Roughton. Barn Owl cottage if you’re interested. Following this we decided to try our luck for Swallowtail Butterfly at Catfield Fen. For a Butterfly Conservation reserve I have to say we didn’t see one butterfly actually on the reserve and I couldn’t see any foodplants for the Swallowtails either. We had better luck with Dragonflies including around five Hairy Dragonfly, one Four-spotted Chaser and two Norfolk Hawker. Sadly I couldn’t get a shot of any of these… next time I reckon I’ll go back to Strumpshaw Fen.

Catfield Fen

Catfield Fen

Again, off the reserve, there were good numbers of Variable Damselfly.

Variable Damselfly

Variable Damselfly

Back at base we took a walk to the New Inn in Roughton to enjoy a lovely Chinese/Malay meal washed down with a few of Woodforde’s finest… Don’t Wherry, Be Happy!

Woodforde's Wherry

Woodforde’s Wherry


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