Melodious Warbler NOMFL

This morning I didn’t go for the Melodious Warbler in Nottinghamshire for a Midlands tick. I didn’t manage to record any of its song either. Neither did I manage to get any meaningful photographs. I did manage to get this cracking iPhonescoped shot of nothing.


Not A Melodious Warbler

Why didn’t I go? I don’t know… no one told me they were going or thought to ask if I might want a lift!


4 responses to “Melodious Warbler NOMFL

  1. Colin Green

    Sorry John I thought you were still in Norfolk?I got the message at 10.50 Friday night the reason I let Dave know is because he was coming to mine for the rugby in case I was late back. If I had realised you wanted to go you know I would have gladly picked you up

  2. thedrunkbirder

    No worries Col. I was a bit pee’d off with Dave as he never bloody thinks to ask… and all the organising, lifts etc I’ve done for him.

  3. David Gray

    Like I said John on facebook when was I supposed to have phoned you about it? At 11pm at night or 5am in the morning!!!
    I won’t contact you again if you keep on with this childish behaviour!!!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Ah, cheers Dave! Col, did give me the full story but I still think you could’ve given me an idea you might have gone.

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