All White?

Took Minnie out for a bit of a walk this lunchtime as I needed to post a letter… you still can, for a limited time only if this ConDem Govt. gets its way. I took her along Tom Long’s Meadow, a fantastic bit of wet woodland and scrub (that the local allotment society want to plough up and turn into allotments) that parallels the Loughborough Rd through Quorn. A once regular site for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker – after successful breeding nearby I hope they will be there again soon. I hope Quorn Parish Council veto the idea.

Plenty of Butterflies in evidence, indeed, every nectar source seems filled with Butterflies at the minute. This year is turning into one of the best for many a year. Large numbers of Small White and Large White as well as good numbers of Peacock and signs of a recovery for Small Tortoiseshell after the poor years previously.



A fresh Southern Hawker and a few Brown Hawker on the wing – both hunting Butterflies!

The ‘poor quality’ photos were using the Doris lens and Sussex film in Hipstamatic on the iPhone 4S.

taken un


6 responses to “All White?

  1. If you get a chance, check the white butterflies out again. They MAY be green-veined whites! We have huge numbers of them up here in Galloway!

  2. Hello John – you need to correct what you’ve said about Quorn Parish Council in relation to Tom Long’s Meadow. To avoid any public embarrassment it would be best to get in touch with me by email. In a nutshell, the wetland site is being managed and will shortly be upgraded to Local Nature Reserve status. Also, the PC fought long and hard to resist development of the adjacent allotment site.

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Sorry Graham. Edited the post.

  4. Thanks John – Tom Long’s Meadow is sacrosanct – there is no plan to plough it up or anything like that. The plans are for the L&RWT to lease it from the Parish Council and manage it in order to increase its biodiversity. There is no intervention by any allotment society. LROS will be more than welcome to contribute to the area’s management plan. However, there is a tiny strip of land between Tom Long’s and Warwick Avenue that has potential for small community garden plots.

  5. thedrunkbirder

    I think even the ‘small strip’ should be sacrosanct. It provides food and shelter for many species especially Song Thrush… a red data species. Even as an LRWT member I reserve judgement on their involvement. Birds rarely feature highly. We’ll see.

  6. Quorn Lady

    I agree with you completely that the ‘small’ strip of land behind Warwick Ave and Poultney Drive should be sacrosanct; it is of considerable size; the residents of the 35 or so houses and the public who use the footpath have enjoyed the open aspect and wildlife here for years. We are fighting the proposals to turn this land into allotments by Quorn Parish Council. The proposal by a group linked to the council is to put in security fencing, tarmac pathways and a large metal container (yes, from a lorry!) for storage. Your first post was more correct than you’ve been led to believe. (The allotments that were referred to in an earlier post were in a different location and lost to developers.)
    I hope you agree that the local residents and the people of Quorn should continue to voice their objections to the allotment proposal on this piece of land. We believe this whole area parrallel to Loughborough Road should be kept and managed as a Wild Natural Woodland for the whole public to enjoy not just part of it. We have benefited from an abundance of birds (including many Thrushes), bats and other wildlife spilling over into our gardens from this land that could be driven away by this scheme, and the Natural aspect when walking through and enjoying it would be destroyed.

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