Hell City AFC


Angry that his beloved football club was to be renamed Hull City Tigers by current owner Assem Allam, billionaire fan Louis Cypher has purchased the club and its soul and plans to retain the famous AFC suffix. ‘I want Hull to be a place to be feared’ said a spokesman for the elusive Cypher, he continued to add that he would be changing the name to Hell City AFC and replacing the famous amber and black colours with red. In a controversial move the spokesman said that red was a lucky colour in Satanic cultures and would bring success, ‘we also plan to register the nickname The Red Devils.’

Details on new owner Louis Cypher are sketchy. It is thought he was brought up on the Bransholme estate and claims to have watched the club since its early days at The Boulevard before the move to The Anlaby Circle. Cypher is once understood to have worked for God in Heaven Inc. saving souls. After a boardroom putsch Cypher was sacked and founded the Hades Corporation. Cypher realised that trading in souls was more profitable than saving them. He has since amassed a multi-billion pound personal fortune and is thought to be living off the Beverley High Road.

A press conference has been called for five to five to unveil future plans including a proposal to rename the KC to Gehenna following a sponsorship deal with a Greek Bank owned by the Hades Corporation.


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