Birdfair 2013 – Parklife

Another great Birdfair is over – well for me anyway – I’m having the day off today. That was planned but after a heavy night on the wine, thanks to Leigh, Steve Hebbron and Martyn Deighton, I’m glad I haven’t got to sweat it out in the marquees… I feel a bit jaded.

As usual Jim and Sue Graham did a fantastic job getting the LROS stand together and it was great working there on Friday and saying hello to a lot of old and new friends.

LROS Stand M2/32

LROS Stand M2/32

Saturday I thought I’d have more time to get around but somehow that didn’t happen. I managed to catch up with Ruth Miller and Alan Davies from The Biggest Twitch and even caught a bit of Alan doing A Question Of Stork.

A Question Of Stork

A Question Of Stork

Back at the LROS stand it was nice to see Nick Baker – he is always popular at Birdfair and seems to have time for everyone. What a nice bloke!

Nick Baker

Nick Baker

A few minutes later, I’d being chatting with Ceri Levy and totally oblivious to the living legend that was with him – Phil Daniels. Phil fucking Daniels! Jimmy from Quadrophenia… Phil Daniels – from Blur’s Parklife video (and single)… Phil FUCKING Daniels!

Phil Daniels

Phil Daniels

Sorry for the terrible photo but I have to be honest, I was a bit starstruck…

Once Dave sends me a few photos I will do a blog about the iPhonescoping workshop I ran… a big thanks to everyone who turned up and also to Paul Hackett from Kowa and Chris Galvin at Opticron for their support.


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