Stop The Badger Cull

Stop The Cull

Stop The Cull

Well this disgusting ConDem Government – not content with destroying Buzzards nests (and Buzzards), granting licences to cull Lesser Black-backed Gulls, turning a blind-eye to all manner o ILLEGAL raptor persecution have now started the trials of Badger cull. All the evidence says a cull won’t work, there is no standard for how ‘humane’ the killing will be and there will be no testing of culled Badgers to see if they WERE carrying Bovine TB. This has to be one of this Governments worst PR disasters.

If you haven’t signed the petition do it here.

Why not write to your MP and if they’re Tory why not tell them unless they oppose the cull it’s another reason you won’t be voting for them.



4 responses to “Stop The Badger Cull

  1. “This has to be one of this Governments worst PR disasters.” I couldn’t agree more. They are showing so much ignorance it’s unreal.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I had two lovely comments from a bloke named Rich… he clearly supports the Government cull but thinks it doesn’t go far enough. He’d like to see Badgers culled by Machine Gun! Rich also thinks I live in London or Surrey. Sorry Rich, I’m from Yorkshire and non of you posh Cities either. Badgers were, and still are pretty fair game for Badger Baiting where I’m from, something I’m sure Rich would approve of. Be nice to see a fair Dog/Badger fight… you know, one where the Badger hasn’t been stunned first by a blow to the head with a spade.
    It’s people like Rich who give farmers a bad name (I’m not for a minute suggesting he is a farmer). I agree that Bovine TB is a problem but the cattle farming industry need to get their house in order before we start blaming wildlife. Lets look at their record on Foot and Mouth shall we?
    Vaccination is the answer to either Cattle or Badger or probably both.

  3. Culled by machine guns, eh? That’s… interesting. I agree with the vaccination, but the government unfortunately believe it is too expensive. Although I think Wales vaccinate their badgers if I’m not mistaken.

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Unfortunately there has to be some censorship on here. Richard, if you have a constructive argument then please post one and I will allow it. Good to hear you don’t approve of Badger baiting.

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