Bird Digiscoping Workshop

Hi all,

This workshop is being run by my friend at Aviantours Andrew Fortuna.

iPhone 4S on Kowa TSN883

iPhone 4S on Kowa TSN883

BIRD DIGISCOPING WORKSHOP 28 OCT – 3 NOV (7 days) MOROCCO (ALL-INCLUSIVE)  Limited spots available.

An opportunity to attend a 7 day bird digiscoping workshop aimed at all skill levels on the birds of  Morocco.   The aim of the workshop is to promote effective digiscoping techniques which will enable a wide variety of species to be photographed, from the elusive Northern Bald Ibis to Red-knobbed Coot, African Marsh Owl, Great White Egret, Flamingo, Long-legged Buzzard, Purple Swamp-hen, Desert Warbler, Desert Wheatear, Desert Sparrow and many others.      This workshop will be particularly useful for those birders / photographers with little or no knowledge about digiscoping or perhaps those with some knowledge but eager to improve their digiscoping skills.  Participants will benefit by engaging in practical session in the field where a wide variety of KOWA-based digiscoping equipment will be used to help them gain knowledge and experience.  We will also also be carrying out a basic digital workflow and post processing tutorial. For those interesting in attending visit or email  Tel:- 0035054218000


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