Andrew Knights

Following the successful prosecution of gamekeeper Andrew Knights by Norfolk Constabulary, Natural England and the H&SE it is time to ask the National Gamekeepers Organisation if Mr Kinights is or ever has been a member. Their website doesn’t seem to be reporting the story.

Andrew Knights Ammo

Andrew Knights Ammo

email here

Feel free to use this as a template:

Dear Sirs,

In light of Mr Knights’ prosecution for stealing over 7500 rounds of ammunition from his employer and being in possession of 5200 rounds of ammunition illegally as well as illegally storing 36 canisters of the pesticide Talunex in his bedroom; could you confirm whether or not Mr Knights is a member of The National Gamekeepers Organisation?
If not a current member, has Mr Knights ever been a member and if so was he a member of the Organisation at the time of his arrest in November 2012.
Many thanks
See Raptor Persecution Scotland for the full story.

3 responses to “Andrew Knights

  1. Charles Nodder

    To save people the trouble of emailing, I can confirm that the NGO can find no record of Andrew Knights ever having been a member. The organisation stands for best practice within gamekeeping and strongly condemns illegal acts. Our understanding from the press reports is that Mr Knights is no longer a gamekeeper.

    Charles Nodder
    Political Advisor
    National Gamekeepers’ Organisation

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I’d like to thank Chris for his prompt reply and I hope that the next gamekeeper prosecuted is also not a member nor ever had been a member.

  3. “NGO can find no record of Andrew Knights ever having been a member” I got exactly the same reply yesterday. Almost word for word. Personally I would have preferred a denial something like. “Andrew knights has never been a member of the NGO”
    In a former life as a union official I received many such replies to the one from Mr. Nodder. Usually when the management were being evasive. It sounds very much like political speak to me. Come on NGO deny he was ever a member.

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