Video Nasty

Anyone of a certain age, i.e. me, will know full well what a video nasty was. The ‘classification’ was brought about by intolerable pressure that Mary Whitehouse and her right-wing media attack dogs (some of whom also owned Pornography empires) put on the most right-wing of British Governments led by that evil witch Thatcher to stop adults watching films that they wanted to see. Well this has nothing to do with that but more to do with a new game app advertised to me on facebook called Deer Hunter.

Oh Deer!

Oh Deer!

I mean come on… it’s not even as though the film is a classic (if you’re being totally honest with yourself anyway) but really facebook. If your advertising is that smart you might want to send me apps on hunting and killing DEFRA ministers but I’m hardly likely to buy this… now if it were an app that allowed DEFRA ministers (and other Tory scum) to rag a Buzzard’s nest or pop down a few Carbofuran laced Rabbit carcasses or even help farmers knock off a few Badgers you might have a hit!



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