Full Of (Eastern) Promise?



This morning, Dave, Colin and I met as usual at the Mammoth for a vismigging session. The morning promised so much 100% cloud cover, gentle SW breeze… hell, even Mark Reeder was thinking of vismigging at Orgreave.

So, what a complete disappointment. The flood of Mipits turned out to be a trickle. The stand-out bird being a Tree Pipit that went NE at 08.10. Other interesting birds were the two Great Spotted Woodpecker that flew SW. They certainly looked like they were migrating and not just moving around the park like two other locals.

Full details on Trektellen.


2 responses to “Full Of (Eastern) Promise?

  1. I like the idea of The Swearing Weather – not seen that before. However, what I fucking HATE is seeing things like ‘aswell’, ‘alot’ or ‘incase’ written as if they were one word! Illiterate fuckwits!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Wankers eh?

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