Finders Report – Brown Shrike, Wester Quarff

Today we have Dave Mack’s finders report for the Wester Quarff Brown Shrike… well, it’d been a long day on Shetland and Dan P and the crew were still hard at it looking for rare. I, meanwhile decided that jumping in and out of ditches and thrashing around Iris beds was all well and good but just wasn’t producing the rare.

A new plan was needed to, like my hero Thomas Telford, I thought have a sleep and dream of a mega and one should appear. So I settled down in the back of the car and started to dream. After a good 10 minutes I was starting to dream rare and dreamt that a stunning Brown Shrike had appeared right in front of Dan. Imagine my surprise when I was rudely awoken by Dan, who’d just found a stunning Brown Shrike. This rarity finding lark… easy!



2 responses to “Finders Report – Brown Shrike, Wester Quarff

  1. I wondered why I hadn’t heard from my old mate Russ when I text him assuming he’d found this much devalued rare. Clearly he had taken his own life after hearing that some chancers have stolen the goods from his patch!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Dave Mack was asleep in the car… daft bugger! I’d be more upset at that than Russ would be by the chancers.

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