Is It A Birder?

Scene: Birling Gap, Sussex, England. Two birders are arguing about a warbler in the bushes.

First birder: I tell you, it’s only a Booted Warbler.
Second Birder: Well the experts on BirdForum are saying with a bill like that it’s got to be Syke’s.
First birder: I don’t know if only Bandanaman was here from the Planet Cloaca… he’d tell us.

Suddenly a car screeches to a halt in the car park below, from the cloud of dust kicked up a figure emerges…

First birder: Is it a birder?
Second birder: Is it a planespotter?
Both: No! It’s Banadaman here to save us.
Bandanaman: Greetings people of Earth – where’s the Syke’s/Booted Warbler?
Birders: Hooray for Bandanaman!


Next week Bandanaman tries to restore some pride to Fair Isle’s battered reputation.


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