Azores Bores

So a couple of Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Red-eyed Vireo have been found on Corvo on The Azores. Is this really the bird news we need?


Of course not. Just what is the bird news services obsession with what appears on The Azores? They are so far away, 1500km from Portugal and 1900km from Newfoundland that the news of rarities has no bearing on what turns up in the UK, Ireland or anywhere else in Europe. Rarities on Corvo do not mean rarities here so stop getting excited.

The only people who care are those show-offs who realised they’ll never be Britain’s top lister no matter how much money the throw at the quest so, they have decided to waste the money travelling to Asia, Africa and the North American plate to boost their tragically pathetic WP lists.

If it wasn’t for a dull Bullfinch none of us would even know where the Azores were, much less care.


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