Journalists Flock To Give A Lazy Cliché

Journalists from all over Britain have been heading to the Isles of Scilly this week to patronise birders and their own readers with lazy clichéd copy as a White’s Thrush was spotted on St Agnes, on what have been dubbed by journalists  ‘the fortunate isles.’

Birdspotter Tom Logan, from the Network For Rare Bird Information, said that it was a real distraction trying to relocate the bird as ‘flocks of journalists and cameramen suddenly appeared and they were making quite a racket setting up step ladders to get a better view of the birders.’ Another bird enthusiast Tom Logan from the IQ40 Club said ‘the journalists were making so much noise by phoning in copy to their editors that the bird remained hidden for most of the day.’



Robin Stroker and Tour Guide Tom Logan from Birdspotting For Numpties said that his business had been badly affected as his group of Low Listers still needed to see the Song Thrush at Cove Vean cafe after ticking the White’s Thrush, ‘it’s birds like the Song Thrush my clients have paid £1000s of pounds for me to point out to them yet their enjoyment is ruined by all these journalists trying to order a half-caff Mocha Locha,’ before adding that he confidently expected the journalists to be ‘heading off to Shetland just as soon as something rare is spotted.’


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