Breaking News: Garry Bagnell Joins BOU On Loan To End Of Season


Bagnell In Happier Times With The UK400 Club

Bird News services are this morning reporting the Garry Bagnell has left the UK400 Club to join Premier League Bird Club BOU on loan for the rest of the season. Birdguides is reporting that the move ( thought to be worth £85m, making this the most expensive transfer in birding history) will be made permanent when the transfer window opens on 1 January 2014.

UK400 Club chairman Lee Evans denied a rift with Bagnell on the clubs website saying ‘this is a great move for Baggers.’ It is understood however that the final straw that saw Bagnell put in a written transfer request was when he realised he’d been ‘dissed by the boss’ after watching a repeat of Twitchers: A Very British Obsession on BBC4. Sources close to Mr Bagnell said the he [Bagnell] was upset that his ID skills were being questioned. On his twitter account Bagnell had written a very cryptic message – when the Syke’s Warbler appears in the Gap the twitchers will follow the talent. It is unclear what was meant by this but Birdwatch journalist and birding commentator Robin Stroker said that he [Bagnell] was noted for talking rubbish.

Bagnell’s agent Mall Ard denied any rifts with the UK400 Club by saying that ‘Garry has always tried to give 110% and was now looking to take his career to the next level. He’s relishing the challenge of listing with the BOU from now on. He realises he will need to take a huge cut in his life list though this is balanced somewhat by adding Scottbill but that the BOU was more in tune with Garry’s vision.’

Sources close to Garry are also saying privately that he is looking forward to saving time and money not having to twitch Irish birds and that he hopes to spend more time with the family and finally sort out the stair carpet.

This morning Bagnell tweeted from Aberdeen Airport ‘ever since I moved from plane spotting I’ve dreamt of joining a big club like the BOU.’ BOU spokesperson Dudley Suttons-Seeds refused to be drawn on the matter but a press conference called for this morning at the BOU has been put back to 11.00 on Monday 7 October due to Garry twitching the Thick-billed Warbler at Geosetter on Shetland when it is expected Garry will be formally unveiled.


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    Thanks David… there will be a follow-up!

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