Baggers To Earn Millions

Follow his big money move to Premier League Birding club BOU, The Drunkbirder has learned that Garry Bagnall stands to earn millions from image rights and endorsements over the next three years. Ivor Big-Scrotum for advertising firm Big, Tit & Wank said ‘with a face like that the World’s his Oystercatcher.’

Bagnell has already landed a plum deal with American sportswear giant Nike who have secured another coup [after the England shirt deal] by becoming Bagnell’s official headwear partner.


Nike, Official Headwear Partner Of Garry Bagnell

In a separate deal optics giant C-Stars is launching a range of budget optics as Garry feels ‘there’s no need in identifying difficult species in the field when BirdForum can do the job for you. So with my range of cheap optics you can afford to twitch the Ovenbird on Papa Westray.’


Bagnell C-Star Optics


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