As Good As It Gets

In terms of birds Scilly was a complete bust for me… I found two possiby three new Yellow-browed Warblers (they were all together and Leigh and definitely had two in the open at once and what looked like a third vanished into some Ivy) and that was it!

I never even contemplated trying to see the Grey-cheeked Thrush in the Old Town Churchyard and it would take more than a Sora to drag me to Tresco theses days. As for the ‘Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler – I will decline to comment. I’ve messed up that one all on my own in the past. Best thing everyone can do with the Gugh Warbler is move away.

Lapland Bunting

Lapland Bunting

A ridiculously tame Snow Bunting and a couple of Lapland Buntings did keep me entertained for a while but overall it was rubbish… Shetland next year I think.


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