The Caped Crusader


Stuck in a Burger King in Oxford, mild mannered twitcher Garry Bagnell’s pager megas. ‘Oh no! A Cape May Warbler on Unst. Where’s the number for Flymaybe?’
After and anxious few minutes on hold Garry gets through to a customer service team representative, ‘can I book a seat from Aberdeen to Sumburgh?’
‘I’m sorry sir but all flights to Sumburgh tomorrow appear to have been fully booked.’
‘Oh! Ok. Thank you.’ A crestfallen Garry anxiously cuts the call and orders another Double Whopper meal. ‘What can I do?’Garry turns this over in his mind. ‘I need this bird!’

Suddenly Garry spies a nearby phonebox and an idea forms in his mind… for Garry has long harboured ideas on his true calling. For years his former mentor had warned Garry about using his special powers but now with his mentor fast dropping out of UK Competitive Twitching, Garry knew – this was his time.

Hurrying to his car he fumbled for the bit of rolled up old stair carpet, the bit he’d been told never to touch. Frantically Garry unrolled the carpet and stared in wonder at the contents. ‘Could it be true? He wondered ‘only one way to find out!’

Garry dashed into the phone box, placed his Bandana on and put the red undercrackers over his jeans. Fastening the bright red Cape Garry felt a bit of a berk… until he launched himself effortlessly into the air. To Unst and beyond!


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