Pied Eyed

After a very disappointing WeBS count, 24 Teal is pretty poor these days on Birstall Meadows (though water levels are very high), I made plans with Colin Green to go and have a look at the Pied Wheatear at Collingham Pits in Notts. We were joined by Dave Gray who had ditch his duck count for a Midlands tick as well.

The journey up from Quorn is pretty straightforward and very soon we were joining the masses for a Sunday worship of our own. At first the Pied Wheatear was pretty distant but gradually it moved very close before heading off to the far side again.


Pied Wheatear

I hadn’t taken the DSLR as my plan for the morning had been to test out the new Phone Skope iPhone adaptor (full review to follow) so phonescoping was the order of the day. Hopefully Greeny will let me have a couple of shots later.

Also making the trip was Andrew Kinghorn from the North and from the South a crew led by Jono Lethbridge.


The Comic Strip Presents…

The return journey necessitated a brief detour for a look at the Glossy Ibis that seems settled just outside Lowdham.


Glossy Ibis


5 responses to “Pied Eyed

  1. Nice image of the Ibis mate!!!!!!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Col. That’s cropped off the iPhone and up at 60x mag. Difficult to get a sharp image at that magnification as any slight movement is picked up.

  3. Good to see you guys not dipping!

  4. thedrunkbirder


  5. Loving the comic strip !!!

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