Do Woodcock Call On Migration?

As I took Minnie Mü out this morning it was still completely dark but with a bright waning moon. Still plenty of a Redwing going over, as there had been last night. As I was returning home I heard a ‘croaking’ somewhere above me – a Woodcock, no doubt about it. It was the same call they give when roding. I couldn’t have flushed the bird as I was in the village and it was clearly moving SE with the Redwing.

So, do Woodcock call on migration?



Here’s a roding Woodcock from way back in 2008.


One response to “Do Woodcock Call On Migration?

  1. thedrunkbirder

    After a facebook discussion with James Lidster, I should really have referred to the ‘sneezing’ call. This was clearly what it was and James noted that the Sound Approach boys had recorded it from birds flying back to their daytime roosts. Whether this was the case or if the bird was migrating I guess I’ll never be able to answer.

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