Frankenstein’s Gull

Everyone seems to be going mad at the moment for the Ivory Gull that’s taken up residence at Patrington Haven in East Yorkshire… everyone but me. Now it’s not like I’m bothered, I saw the Aldeburgh bird back in 1999 – right before I ticked White-tailed Eagle. No what gets me is everyone banging on about how beautiful it is. No! It isn’t, it’s just ugly. Ivory Gull looks like it was designed by a dysfunctional committee of Larophobes like me. It’s like someone grafted a Feral Pigeon’s head onto a Gull and then badly superglued it’s bill back on.

Ivory Gull © Justin Carr

Ivory Gull © Justin Carr

Coupled with it’s ugliness are it’s disgusting table manners.


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