IQ40 Club Sack UKIP Member In “Sluts” Slur

The IQ40 club have sacked UKIP identification panel member Brigadier-General Sir Henry Frightfully-Stupid after he called female Red-necked Phalaropes ‘sluts’ a twitch at High Shincliffe in Durham. The comments were recorded as a birder, who wished to remain anonymous, was videodigiscoping the Yellow-rumped Warbler. The unnamed birder immediately sent them to The Daily Fail,


Brigadier-General Sir Henry Frightfully-Stupid at a Grouse Shoot Last Summer

Sir Henry was heard to make the remarks during a discussion about Phalarope breeding behaviour. He shouted out that the females were ‘gaudy  sluts’ and described them as sexually aggressive predators. Sir Henry, unaware his remarks were being recorded also blasted them for not returning to clean their nests but carrying on seducing men by whirling round on the water coquettishly picking midges from the surface.

An IQ40 spokesman said that Sir Henry’s comments did not represent the ‘liberal attitudes that the IQ40 Club wished to engender.’

Sir Henry refused to comment when approached and went off to Lebanon on an illegal hunting trip.


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