Sun Arise Come Every Mornin’

Out with Minnie Mü this morning on our usual walk around Stafford Orchard when the sunrise was just stunning. Time for a few comparative shots with the iPhone4S camera apps.

First up was the camera+ app… nice but the colours are a bit cool.

Sunrise Camera+

Sunrise Camera+

Next I tried the Pro HDR app – this makes the whole scene more balanced across the tonal range but lacks the oomph of a sunrise.

Sunrise Pro HDR

Sunrise Pro HDR

Finally I used, what is becoming a bit of a favourite 645PRO. This replicates a medium format camera (though you can a range of ratios, from square to 16×7). I used the 645 ratio with V50 colour film.

Sunrise 645 PRO

Sunrise 645 PRO

To me without any editing, other than a crop, this is the best and getting the colours just right.



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