The Draken Wakes

Wow! It’s been so long… I’m afraid the birding blues are still persisting but yesterday Dave Gray and I went to RAF Waddington for the Waddington International Airshow 2014. Birds of a different kind I suppose. We did have Meadow Pipits doing their parachute display… I bet not many others witnessed the only parachute display of the day due to the early rain. We also had a rather splendid raptor (that I won’t name) display over the runway while the B17 Flying Fortress did her thing (we both have some photos for the Lincs recorder).

One of the highlights for me was a fantastic display from the Swedish Air Force Saab SK35C Draken 810-16.

Saab SK35C Draken 810-16

Saab SK35C Draken 810-16

140705_SAAB_Draken_RAF_Waddington_2 140705_SAAB_Draken_RAF_Waddington_3 140705_SAAB_Draken_RAF_Waddington_4 140705_SAAB_Draken_RAF_Waddington_5 140705_SAAB_Draken_RAF_Waddington_6 140705_SAAB_Draken_RAF_Waddington_7


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