My Lords & Ladies

Over the Spring we noticed a good showing of Arum Lilies Arum maculatum otherwise know as Lords And Ladies or more peculiarly Parson In The Pulpit along Tom Long’s Meadow in Quorn. Successive contractors haves trimmed the hell out of most of them but a few have survived though most have taken a battering even now. Quite why contractors are employed to ‘tidy up’ nature reserves I’ll never know.


Arum Lily Arum maculatum

As we walked Minnie Mü yesterday Leigh spotted a couple more spikes near the Bulls Head pub in Quorn, so today I stuffed my trusty Nikon Coolpix in my pocket on the walk. Even these spikes had taken a bit of a beating but I managed a couple of half-decent macro shots.


Arum Lily Arum maculatum


Arum Lily Arum maculatum

I think after spotting a few good landscape views towards Breedon-on-the-Hill and the church I might have to check out Cloud Wood LRWT. Dave Gray informs me there are a few spikes there but they might take a bit of searching out.


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