Hi there, my name’s John. Welcome to my blog. How did the Drunkbirder come about? Well it was first used on Shetland in October 2007 when Andy Mackay found a Pechora Pipit in the fields behind Toab. A load of us headed up there after a very heavy night on the whisky and some delicious but salty mutton stew courtesy of Helen Moncrief.

Someone said something about getting one over on the Punkbirders when I said something like ‘ha, fuck the punkbirders what about the drunkbirders.’ Blogging was all the rage back then so when I got home I started a blog called The Drunkbirders. Sadly a few silly people forced me to move it over here to WordPress. Luckily I was able to import the old blog.

Anyone arriving here really should know that I frequently rant on about the world and the absurdities of life. I also use some very strong language and not much will escape being lampooned – royalty and governents are frequent targets as are self-obsessed celebrities, birding or not. Be warned.

When I’m not working as a Community Psychiatric Nurse I can usually be found behind the laptop moaning about whatever Leigh is watching on TV. If I’m not at the laptop then I can usually be found out birding somewhere, or in summer looking at butterflies and dragonflies. I also do a weekly slot on BBC Radio Leicester’s lunchtime show with Bill Buckley. The Weekend Wildlife Preview usually goes out on a Friday at about 12.10. I am a keen amateur wildlife photographer and writer, something I am keen to build on.

I am also heavily involved with the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society as Editor of our newsletter The Grebe, Media/Publicity officer and now Indoor Meetings Secretary.

John Hague, 2010


12 responses to “About

  1. John,
    Like the new site, some good ranting on there as well – like the car reg plates thing, another little aspect of England that really pisses me off. Some nice odonata on there also.

  2. …and I’ve changed your URL on my links (from your old site address).

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Nick, I still check your site almost daily. I’d love to get out there sometime in the next year or so for the odes.

  4. Ha goto love it! I am also a Drunk bider with my own wordpress blog! go check it out if you want buddy!



  5. Like the site and your frank and frankly funny calls of judgement. Enjoyed.

    Big Will

  6. Hi, DB, am going to Cossington Meadows tomoz. for first time. Would be really grateful if you could tell me if there is an all day pub or similar nearby. Should have done home work sooner I know, so I really hope you could spare me a mo. and give me a few ideas.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. Hi John,
    I’m chief editor of the french NGO Le Cercle Polaire journal dedicated to polar regions in witch we publish articles written by international scientists on various subjects (from zoology to law).
    I’d like to use one of your pictures to illustrate the difference between auks and penguins (there is a strong misunderstanding about this in French). Could you contact me by email ?
    Bravo for your wonderfull blog


  8. Terry Lifton

    Hi John…..great blog and thanks for all the links. However, I am having problems getting onto the BUBO Listing site – do you know if there are any problems?

  9. thedrunkbirder

    Thanks Terry, I don’t know of any problems with Bubo. Try doing a google search and accessing that way.

  10. amazonbirdingexp

    It’s one of my favorites blogs ever…greetings from Peru 🙂

  11. Hi John, Need to contact you regarding details of the site you visited several months ago at Strines Res; in the Lake District for Black Grouse.I will be going up their this weekend and was hopeing to see them if possible.
    Sorry i don’t have your email address or phone number.
    I am a fellow birder from North west Leicestershire, we have met a couple of times,mainly at Rutland Water.
    If you can help with details the starting point will be the carpark at the Strines Inn.
    Many Thanks John.

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