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Timothy Potter – Trainspotter

Anyone familiar with Viz will surely remember Timothy Potter? It’s funny how the creators of Viz were so accurate with the locos… ah! But of course – they were trainspotters too.

Anyway a couple more shots from last weekends Green Diesel Theme Day on the East Lancashire Railway.

Class 03 D2062

Class 03 D2062

D9016 Gordon Highlander at Bury Bolton Street

D9016 Gordon Highlander at Bury Bolton Street

Also here’s the first installment of video. It was mostly filmed on the iPhone 4S using the 8mm app with some additional filming on the iPad and some using the iSupr8 app. All edited in Reel Director on the iPad.



Making Movies

Making Movies

Since getting my old iPhone 3GS and now with my iPhone 4S and the new Coolpix P310 I’ve gotten really in to making short films. Nothing special and usually quite dull but I’m learning all the time and hopefully getting a bit more adventurous with my editing etc.

I started off using the 8mm iPhone app for filming and editing with the Reel Director app. This is state of the art for me now.

Recently I downloaded iSupr8 which is a bit of a different beast. You film your movie clips and then process them ‘in camera’ so to speak. There’s a lot more flexibility in terms of film stock, grain, flicker and the like. Also and here’s the beauty, you can process as many times and ways as you like. Processing the ‘film’ does take quite a while though with HD and uses up a hell of a lot of space. Now we have an iPad, I will probably transfer most film clips over there for processing before downloading to the PC for editing using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Here’s an example of iSupr8.

I think that WLMM is a decent bit of kit… it’s free! I am thinking it’s a bit limited creatively though. Anyone got any recommendations for other film editing software for under £100?

The title of the post… from a band I really liked in their early days – Dire Straits. Don’t laugh! Making Movies was a great album… their last great album too!

Mobile Mig

Dave and I found this very tame Migrant Hawker by the Moat at Cossington Meadows. This allowed me to photograph it using the iPhone. Not bad images for a mobile phone, I’m sure you’ll agree.