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Birders Flock To Colne Valley Regional Park To See Coot

Twitchers were in a flap yesterday after new leaked out via twitter that up to 1244 Coot were wintering in the Colne Valley Regional Park near London. Despite the best efforts of local birders not to get excited by over a thousand, basically, black birds the UK400/500ths broke the news embargo on their twitter feed.

A Coot Yesterday

A Coot Yesterday

IQ40 Club spokesman Barry Gagwell said he was racing to the scene and he hoped the Coots would stay around until the weekend… “it could be a very black Friday” he said. Park Ranger, Tower Hamlets said he hoped the park could cope and urged visiting birders to observe the Birdwatcher’s Code Of Conduct and put the welfare of the Coots first. Some of these birds will have come “from as far away as Tring Reservoirs” he ccommented

No-one from the UK400/500ths Club was available to talk but in a written statement received by The Drunkbirder Offices they said the President very much regretted the leak and that he was rather tired after spending days trying to get people interested in a genuine escaped American White Ibis in Kent and writing out certificates of achievement for basically driving 1000s of miles.


Weasel Words

After a lovely, long hot shower in our new bathroom I had decisions to make on how to spend my day-off. I wasn’t going to IKEA so I headed to Thornton Reservoir to try and photograph the Redstart. It showed as I got there, flew really close and vanished, others did, but I never saw the thing again by 13.20.

I took a walk and found this sitting Coot by the track. Hopefully the water levels won’t rise again.

A bit further on by the feeding station this Weasel was spotted crossing the track.

A spot of pishing and the pesky little bugger did come a bit closer but wouldn’t show itself.

Berry Christmas

Not wanting to waste the sunny conditions I headed out to Cossington Meadows. After my success with digiscoping the ‘Sibe’ Stonechat on Monday I thought I’d practise a bit more digiscoping. I was hoping for a nice male Bullfinch but didn’t find any, even females.

The Hawthorn hedge though was full of berry gobbling Thrushes so I grabbed plenty of images both digiscoped and with the DSLR. Can you spot which is which?




As well as the Redwing and Fieldfare there was plenty of action out on the ice at Tern Pool. This Coot seemed pretty cocky, preening whilst standing on one leg.


Watching this Lapwing I wondered if the cold was making him want to pee?

'Ooh, I'm bursting'

Not too many other birds were seen but this confiding Pied Wagtail was making the best of things in the paddocks.

Pied Wagtail

Lastly no winter scene would be complete without a Yuletide Robin.