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Otter Than Hell

Embarked on an ill-fated trip to Aberdeen and Northumberland this week with Colin and Steve. We should have known it was doomed when the M6 was closed causing us to divert up the A1 and A66.

Otter, Seaton Park, Aberdeen

Otter, Seaton Park, Aberdeen

Arriving at Aberdeen there was no sign of the Harlequin Duck despite a number of visiting and local birders scouring the area. Dipper is always nice to see but I don’t normally travel 450 miles to year tick one. This Otter though did provide some entertainment and did allow me to film it on the iPhone.



After finally admitting defeat we tried to salvage something from the trip by going for the Black Scoter at Cheswick in Northumberland. Again despite much searching we were again bitterly disappointed.


Getting Otter At Cosso

After our weekend away in Norfolk, I decided to take Minnie for a walk round Cossington Meadows this morning. Unusually we took the Riverside path first, I normally work it the other way round but after chatting with The Leicester Llama the other day, I fancied Night Heron in the trees on the island. Sadly there was no Heron but a movement ahead of me made me put my bins up. A female Otter slunk into the Reedbed surrounding the Moor Pool. Thankfully, Minnie was sniffing something else out and didn’t react. A reserve first for me.

I also took a few photos on the iPhone using Hipstamatic. All photos are using the Libatique 73 lens and Pistil film. A combination I discovered by chance on Saturday. I like the washed out colours. Perfect for an overcast/showery morning.





Beardy Weirdies

Out to Rutland Water this morning to try and add Bearded Tit to my County list. Allen Pocock was already in Shoveler Hide when I arrived and had had good views of a female bird. After a bit of calling I glimpsed the arse end of a bird that could only have been a Bearded Tit but what crap views they were. The other Groby Boys arrived along with Matthew Berriman and we sat in ready for a long session. After a good while we were rewarded with some brief flight views and treated to views of an Otter (well I saw a brown smudge as my eyepiece steamed up) before the Beardies finally gave themselves up.

Sorry about the quality of these videos, focusing on a small bird at 40x mag in reeds isn’t easy!

Andy Mackay informed us that a Water Pipit and Rock Pipit were showing by the Dam, sadly these had bugger off before I got there. Eight Whooper Swan flying east were nice though… thanks Andy for banging on my window – I was away with the fairies I think!