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Phonescoping Workshops

After plenty of emails back and forth, I’m pleased to announce my first phonescoping workshops at RSPB Titchwell on 1 November 2013. For details see here.




Another, shameful attempt to show off my very limited photography and photoshop skills. I took this shot of a summer plumaged Turnstone at RSPB Titchwell back in May on a day out with The Llama, The Hooded Birder and Dave (Tea Boy) Gray.


Titchwell RSPB

Another selection of images, mainly of Turnstone – doing what Turnstone do. When you’re as used to seeing winter plumaged birds as we are it’s a real treat to see some smart summer plumaged birds.








A bit of wader action video too taken with Nikon Coolpix P310.

The sunshine had brought some insects out. This lovely Wall butterfly sadly went a bit shy.

Odes were also out in the car park in the form of Large Red Damselfly. Shame there were no Hairy Dragonfly around.

Large Red Damselfly

Turnstone And Other Waders

A few digiscoped photos from North Norfolk yesterday. A fuller post will appear later. I love the new Nikon Coolpix P310… have I said that before? I do. I love it and I’m still learning with it.



Grey Plover

I also unearthed some old footage of bird spotters from Snettisham in the 1960s… note the futuristic optics.

Till The Coue’s Come Home

After out efforts at Cley we headed West to Holkham and after a bit of searching we found the birders watching the Shorelark – a tick for The Hooded Birder – but dog-walkers flushed the birds before we could settle down and have a good look/get some video and photos. Unable to find any Twite among the Skylark and Linnet we headed to the East end of Holkham Gap getting sand-blasted on the way to look at the 80 odd Snow Bunting. At least two cracking adult males in the flock.

Continuing west, we pitched up unsurprisingly at Titchwell where a small crowd was watching the Coue’s Arctic Redpoll… not a classic by any means and one that could easily be passed over for a Mealy Redpoll any day of the week.

Parrinder Hide was quite productive with The Llama picking out not only an adult Mediterranean Gull but this superb Yellow-legged Gull.

Bashing The Bishop

Yesterday, Andy Mackay and I headed out to Norfolk. There had been a bit of stuff over there, most of which seemed to have cleared out, and the chance of turning up something like a Hume’s Yellow-browed Warbler… we didn’t.

Out first stop was Hunstanton where and soon picked up an absolute stunner… sadly it was an escaped Southern Northern Red Bishop. Andy was ‘pleased we saw it before we heard it’ as, according to him it ‘sounded rare.’

Northern Red Bishop

I nicked this photo off the web as Andy’d camera was in the car and once retrieved the bird acted very wild… a nice IQ40 self-found tick then.

Nothing doing at Holme Dunes except for a fly-over Lapland Bunting at Thornham. Stiffkey was well searched but again we found nothing. At Titchwell I was shocked by the lack of pastry products so we had to do a bit of birding. 1000s of Golden Plover kept us entertained us for a while. On the sea a Red-throated Diver was the only bird of note despite a twat in a Rutland Ospreys hat confidently declaring there was ‘not even a Red-throated Diver’ not long after getting his crew onto the Velvet Scoter (Wigeon) that were flying behind the three Red-breasted Merganser… I guess one out of three isn’t bad?

Black-tailed Godwit

Common Teal

Our final stop was at Roydon Common where I mucked up a Merlin in the falling light, it was a Sparrowhawk. We did have two Hen Harrier though a juvenile female and a 2W male.

All-in-all, a pretty good day out.

Pretty Flamingo

Greaterish Flamingo

A generation of kid listers were pleased today to hear news of a Greater Flamingo at Titchwell RSPB. The kid listers including some over-age players who follow the British Birdspotters Club (BBC) IQ40 list were also expected to flock to the well known RSPB site. Barry Gagwell, the BBC’s press officer said ‘this is a real mega, it’s what birders like me have been waiting for since the last escapee left Cliffe Pools.’ Mr Gagwell also rubbished claims that Greater Flamingo was kept in captivity in the UK and feels that given the recent warm weather the bird was an overshooting vagrant from the Mediterranean where the migratory species is pretty sedentary.