Gulling – The Ugly Truth

Someone somewhere commented that Gulling means something very different in the ‘dogging’ world so a quick google for Gulling brought me to the Urban Dictionary. Lo and behold, gulling does have some rather interesting meanings…

1. Gulling
Practised at dogging venues. The audience that is watching the participants ‘dogging’ in a vehicle masturbate, having achieved ejaculation collect thier result in hand and flick it on the ‘doggers.’
Elliott wrote ‘ gulling is addictive, it ruined my life. I lost my job, my wife, my house, all thanks to becoming Gullman”
2. Gulling
Popular pastime involving a third or extra party or parties in a dogging scenario, where ejaculation is achieved onto the doggers’ car window in the style of a passing gull.
“You’re looking great, love, look how many gullers gulling we’ve got.”
3. Gulling
The practice of standing on the edge of a cliff/rubbish dump with a fish inserted into the anus to encourage gulls and other birds to swoop and retrieve the fish for food, thus pushing the participant over the threshold.
‘Jamie needs a good gulling after beating me at poker last night. After that I’m going to tattoo ‘Napalm Death’ onto his neck.’
Personally I feel number 3 is a little fanciful but regular Larophiles might tell me I’m wrong.

4 responses to “Gulling – The Ugly Truth

  1. Can we now tell non-birders that we’ve been gulling without them thinking we’re a weirdo ?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    We can Pete. It’s almost a relief that people think we’re off to cum over a few cars rather than being sad birders!

  3. Could possibly take Terns at it ???

  4. thedrunkbirder

    No but we could string out some Bunting later… google it!

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